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Bad News for Aivie - Part 2

Harry Spotter (meerkat father) is gathering all friends of Aivie. 
Now that they are all together 
Bea Spotter (meerkat mother) begins to read the letter
that Aivie sent us from Fairyland....

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Bea: "Dear All,  a few days ago I arrived safely here in Fairyland. 
I find it very nice to be here and to see some of my relatives,
though I'd rather would have fun than cry with them. 
Because unfortunately two days ago, my aunt passed away to her injuries.
We took her to her resting place yesterday. 
It was all so sad ... " 

Isabel (mother cat): "Oh no, I had hoped that everything would be okay." 

Pandora (gothic girl): "Oh my gosh,
Aivie her niece has now lost both her parents...
 That is really really sad! " 

Bea read more: 
"Everyone is very sad and shocked! 
Most fairies feel very unsafe by this terrible accident. 
The bird that attacked my family has discovered were our village is 
and we need to move swiftly everything and everyone to a safe place. 
Currently we are preparing for this big migration,
so for the time being I will stay here until everything is behind them. 
For our safety, we all have to stay inside during the day.
We can only go out after the sunset. 
You'll understand that my rhythm is far lost because of this, 
but that is just the way it is for now. " 

Isabel: "So it will probably take some time before Aivie comes home?" 

Harry: "Isabel, let Bea just read the letter completely, 
I am sure we will find out more..." 
Than he sees that the kids were not listening to Bea's reading
and a bit angry he says: 
"Gail and Lauren stop that right now! 
This is not the time to be funny at all!" 

Bea continued with the letter again: 
"My niece has a very difficult time right now, as you will understand.
She does not realize quite what happened to her parents. 
She's with me now and I have mercy on her. 
I've also talked a lot with the rest of my family
and they all agreed that by the time I go back home, 
I will take my niece with me. 
Could all of you at home do me a favor please?
Make sure that my niece gets well pampered
so she can feel she is welcome 
and make herself at home?!
Well I think I don't have to worry about that...
Once I know when I come back home, you will hear it from me. 

Lots of love and a big hug 
from Aivie. " 

Everyone was dead silent ... 

Bea puts the letter on the table, 
she sees that everyone is a little worried about the sittuation and says: 
"Well let's have some orange drink now, 
that helps us to recover from the shock and to relax." 

Alfie (meerkat boy) suddenly screams: "Look, here's a rat!" 

Linus (cat boy): "Ha ha ha! Yeah, nice huh? 
He is tame and his name is Rio, I think he has come after me, 
I sometimes play with him." 

Gail (meerkat girl): "Oh I also wanna play with Rio the rat! Can I? " 

Lauren (cat girl): "Yeah! Come let us go outside to play, you come along Rio? " 

Harry: "Well children, that's your best idea of today! 
You guys go out to play! " 

Lady Henriëtta (snowlady) stammers:
"Ohhh what terrible for Aivie that her aunt died...
And that poor little child..." 

Isabel suddenly sees the tears in the eyes of Bea and says: 
"Come dear, let me pour the juice. 
Go on and have a seat." 
Bea crawls on the couch close to her husband Harry 
who quickly puts an arm around her and comforts her with sweet words. 

Schroeder (father cat): "Well even though how awful this all is,
we should still try to see the positive side of it
too long mourning about it has not much sense." 

Lady Henriëtta: "You're right Schroeder, 
Aivie also asks us to prepare so her niece will soon feel at home here. 
Maybe we can keep us busy with that? " 

Isabel: "Yes, that's a good idea Lady Henrietta, 
That makes us all a bit happier. Finally, it has something wonderful too 
to be able to give this little girl a new home!"

Schroeder: "Yes, because where will they stay once she is here? 
We just live all together in your house Jollie, 
we do not really have our own place." 

Isabel: "I think it is especially for this girl very important
that she will have her own place. " 

Bea: "Certainly after the trauma she had, don't you think Jollie?" 

Jollie: "Yes, I totally agree with you all, 
she has too much back and forth
 it is time she gets her own place so she can relax." 

Schroeder: "How about if we pick out a nice dollhouse for her? 
There are such beautiful building kits for sale 
that we can put it together." 

Bea: "Yes! It's fun and I bet she will be really very happy, 
with a dolls house especially for her! 
With nice furniture and lots of toys and so on... " 

Lady Henriëtta: "Oh yeah! That will be such a warm welcome 
when she sees that we are building a dollhouse for her!" 

Jollie: "Yes, absolutely and Aivie will also like this very much.
So let's have a look if we can find
a cozy home for her niece!" 

To Be Continued ... 

Thanks for reading! 

Hugs Jollie

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  1. I can't wait to see the building of the dollhouse for Aivie's niece!:)

  2. I'm sure they will find a very nice house for Aivie's niece.

  3. ¡Que reunión más interesante!!! Ya me imagino lo bonita que será la casita para la sobrina ( ;
    Un abrazo

  4. That's really sad news - poor Aivie. And pity the little fairy child... But even in the blackest despair there's a little light of hope, brought to Aivie by the best of friends. We have no doubt this lovely gang will arrange something beautiful for Aivie's niece!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Una reunion muy especial, me ha encantado ser espectadora jejeje
    besitos ascension

  6. Fun, Jollie! I can't wait to see the new dollhouse for Aivie's niece! It will be fun watching it come together.

  7. Me too, want to see Avie's home :) which I am sure will be wonderful.

    You know Jollie, I can the little chatters in my head :).


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