zondag 11 september 2011

Djinty's 8th Birthday

Djinty had his birthday last wednesday (the 7th of September) 
but I couldn't write a log because I was out of internet till this morning.

I found him as a kitten with a bad infection at his eye...
It was thick and he could not open it.
He was about 4 weeks old and still with his mother and his little brother.
I went to see them two times a day, to give Djinty antibiotics and to feed them.

After a few days the eye opened and I discovered that he had lost his eye...
I still don't know what exactly happened to him,
but I did know that he would not survive by himself.
I took care of him, his brother and his mother for about 3 weeks,
until he was old enough to leave his mother.
Then I took Djinty home and I also had found another home for his brother.

Djinty became a hugh and beautiful half longhair cat,
he looks a bit like a Main Coon or Norweigian Forrest cat.
I still have to clean his eye at least a few times a day,
but we are both used to that by now.
He is a very friendly and quiet cat. But if he gets irritated he can be really agresive too!!
His best (girl)friend is Zoë (the mother of Zorba).

He learned to live with his one eye,
all though he can not see in 3 dimension, he is doing fine.
Only if I move the furniture he has a problem with jumping!
He can't see how far it is to the place he wants to jump to
and most of the times he lands down on the floor... :(

Allthough Djinty's birthday is a few days ago,
This is especialy for my "Big Plush Cat"...

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!
Hugs Jollie 

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  1. Happy birthday Djinty and all the best and a very long life to you little braveheart!


  2. Happy birthday to Djinty. He is so lucky he met you.

  3. Happy Birthday Djinty. Many happy returns of this day!

  4. Wat een mooi verhaal, Jollie, jouw poezen boffen maar met jou.

  5. Joyeux anniversaire à Djinty ! lorsque j'ai vu la première photo , ma réaction a été de dire ,"HO elle est superbe cette photo avec un clin d'oeil" mais je n'avais pas lu son histoire !
    Quelle chance d'avoir trouvé une si gentil maîtresse .

  6. Felicidades a Djinty, es precioso!!!!
    Y a tí por tenerlo, y ocuparte de el,
    seguro que te llena de cariñitos.
    Besitos de las Malu´s.

  7. Congratulations on care to Djinty! Now we can see that he is beautiful and beloved cat.

  8. He is a beautiful cat!:) Happy birthdays to Djinty!

  9. Happy Birthday to Djinty. What a lucky cat he is to have found such a wonderful person as you. He is a beauty. Hugs Maria

  10. Wow, he's quite a fighter, brave little chap. And an absolutely handsome guy. Happy belated Birthday, Djinty - you deserve the good home you have now.

    Flutterby and Birgit

    P.S.: Keep looking forward to the arrival of your VBS-catalogue - and try to save some money for your purchase (LOL). This catalogue has a lot of temptations in it... ;O)

  11. What a warm tribute to him!

    Happy Birthday to your fur baby!

    You are a good mom to him. :)

  12. Thank you all so much for all the lovely birthday wishes!! :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  13. Happy birthday Djinty! Thank you for rescuing him, Jollie--I know that Djinty is so happy you did! :-)

  14. Es un gato precioso, y tiene mucha suerte de tenerla a usted.


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