zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Yesterday Rinoa and Zoë had their Birthday

Because of the trouble with blogspot
I didn't post this yesterday
on the Birthday of my cats Rinoa and Zoë
But I still like to introduce them to you..

Rinoa is the oldest cat that lives with me
yesterday she became 11 years old.
She was born in the Netherlands and moved
with me to Greece.

She is named after the girl in one of the Fanal Fantasy games
At the time she decided to move in with me
I had two cats and I didn't cross my mind having a third cat...
Well this is what happened...
A girlfriend of me called me if I had time to go with her
to pick up the two new kittens for her daughters.
So I did...
There was Rinoa... she came forward to me
started to screem very very loud that I had to take her on my arm
So I did...
She clawed her tiny nails into my shirt and wouldn't let go!!!
Everytime when I tried to put her down again
she panicked as if she was saying 'Don't leave me here alone'
As weak as I was... I took her home ;)

She a a very sweet cat, but also very afraid for everything.
Mostley for other cats... so she only comes inside the catrun
when all my other cats are inside in the evening.
It is amazing that every cat/animal has his or her typical character... 
that is what makes them all just as unique as humans!!

The other birthday kitty is Zoë, she became 6 years old yesterday.
Zoë is the mother of Zorba.
She is the most adorable and sweetest cat I have ever known in my whole life!
She has the most gentle character of all.
But... she doesn't trust anyone but me (and the other cats here).
She just hides herself under the bed or a dresser 
until every visitor has left the building lol!
That's why she is a pain in the butt 
when I have to ask my mom to take care of my animals, 
because she doesn't even trust my mother...
allthough she knows her very well too!

Zoë had a tragic accident before she lived with me.
She was hit by a bus when she was about 5 months old
and living on the streets as a straycat (as so many cats do here in Greece)
Some nice people found her, more dead than alive,
and brought her to the vetinary.

Two days later I visited the vet with one of my cats
and I saw Zoë sitting there in a bench
She was still half in a schock and I could see the fear in her eyes.
I asked what happened with her when she was recovered,
the vet told me  that she did not have someone to take care of her
and that she was going back to the streets.

The vet was glad when I asked if I could take Zoë home with me!
That same day she moved in with us.
I choose the name Zoë for her because it means 'life' in Greek 
and she was so lucky to still be alive!!
I am still soooo happy that I took her home 6 years ago ;)
She is the most thankful beiing I have ever met!

Of course we celebrated Rinoa and Zoë's birthdays yesterday  ;)
With a big Hurray for both of my girls!!

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend!!!
Hugs Jollie

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What gorgeous kitties. Happy Birthday Cats! Best wishes, Carol :)

  2. Happy birthday Rinoa and Zoe!!
    Bye Faby

  3. Happy birthday dear Girls!
    All your cats have very interesting stories to tell Jollie:)

  4. So sweet, Jollie! Your kitties are adorable! I brought home a stray once who had been hit by a car. You are right--she was the most grateful kitty! :-)

  5. Ewa's right - all your cats have their stories to tell. And all of them found a loving home now... So - happy late birthday to Rinoa and Zoe!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Gefeliciteerd met je prachtige katten!!!

  7. Gefeliciteerd nog met die 2 lieve poezen, heb t berichtje gemist, maar alsnog van harte!!
    Dat ze allemaal zo'n verschillend karakter hebben, he?
    * marlies


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