maandag 30 mei 2011

Aint I Just a Little Child!

Sometimes I'm just a little kid you know...
I have been watching a long time every few days
at the 'Sylvanian Families' again on the internet ... 
and last night I found that I've been longing enough so I spoiled myself
and adopted The Sylvanian Meerkat Family!

Aint they just too cute?

*Father Harry Spotter is the most alert and watchful creature in Sylvania –
and it’s a good job as he has to check there are no wildfires in the forest.
As this vital role demands his total concentration,
the other Sylvanians have learned not to take it personally 
if Harry ignores them completely!

*Mother Beatrix Spotter, on the other hand, is always warm and friendly. 
She loves children and is often babysitting as many as twenty at a time. 
She bakes them fairy cakes and reads them fairy stories – 
and she counts them every fifteen minutes to make sure they’re all still there!

*Brother Alfie Spotter always has his head in a book. 
He often gets so absorbed in one of his adventure stories 
that he regularly forgets what day it is 
and has been known to turn up for school on a Saturday!

*Sister Gail Spotter would much rather go for a long walk 
in the Sylvanian forest than read a book.
She particularly enjoys strolling along by the river 
and picking wild flowers for her mother. 
After all, that’s how she got her nickname!

(*this text was found on the internet)

I also bought a furniture set for them ...

I've read somewhere that they are on scale about 1:16 / 1:18.
There are many Sylvanian families and stuff for them to collect.
Here is the link to the official website in England
If you might wanna take a look:
In America they can be found under the name "Calico Critters"

I really adore them and can't wait for them to arrive here...
And I would love to build a small house for them too...some day... ;)
As an animal lover I could hardly choose between all those cute families!
Besides my imagination about fairies... I got the feeling that these critters
are a great inspiration for me too.

Hugs Jollie

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  1. I used to ow these sweet fellas in bear form when i was young and i had the house as well, until my mother left it at the old house when we moved.
    they are so sweet, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. It's lovely to hear about someone who shares my passion for Sylvanian Families! I had them as a child, I love them! The ones you bought are so so cute. Mini hugs, Caroline x

  3. I like Meerkats in any form, the family you've bought is so cute, no surprise you couldn't resist them. And so convenient, they fit to the Lundby scale... I've always found they have nice furniture... - you should really have a go at building a house for them, big enough for other Sylvanian Families... ;O)


  4. From what I heard Calico are a bit bigger than Sylvanian right? Even if I am not right they are sweet!:)

  5. I love them too!!!:D Last month I bought the Luxury Townhome and it's amazing!!! Soooooo lovely and cute! :D

  6. Oh... I've never seen this family before! I would of fallen in love too! We use the bunny family here to live in our houses... And if I ever get the tree house done, I'm thinking my hedgehog family will live in it....I Love, Love these critters! Check out my header pic- Those are some of my favorites, too:) I'm so happy you found this meerkat family! :)

  7. These critters are so cute! Makes me want to try putting clothes on my critters! Oh, I guess Bella the bride bunny wears a veil, but that's it so far. In fact, the rest of my plushy animals are all completely naked! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your cute interest. I love them!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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