dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Am I Too Worried??

I always try not to worry too much, cause it is not good for me!
That goes for everyone and of course we all know that. 
Cause most of the time we can't change a thing about it.
The last few days I am really concerned
with the problems that are going on here in Greece.
I don't know what will happen tomorrow...or the day after that!
at the moment every day seems to feel SO insecure...

I guess you are all aware of the economic mess that is going on here?
Don't ask me to explane it... 
I don't want to think about it, if I am honest
but I run into discusions or tv programs all the time
and it is driving me crazy!

Just the fact that nobody knows how this will go on
and where it will end... if it ever does?
Until now it is only getting worse and worse and worse
for the 'normal' people in this beautiful country.
Because some others messed up real bad in the past!
Believe me...
It seems like a nightmare that we can't wake up from...

So maybe that is why I am not finding the inspiration
at the time to be creative...
Maybe I just worry to much at the moment
and it will surely pass by in a few days (I hope).
But sometimes I just can't help it!

So again I had so many plans but...
I did NOTHING today!

I went to my parents house to drink a coffee with them
and of course we talk a lot about the situation here in Greece.
But there is nothing we can do... than to wait on what comes next!
Worries or no worries, we just have to wait and see.

Well... at least my father made me VERY HAPPY today!!
I got a very useful gift from him!

A real stanley knive! :)
It is the spare one he had, so it is not new but what the heck! 
I am SO happy with it!!!!
The other knive on the photo was the one that I was (trying) to work with.
Not a real power tool huh? 
But I am sure that the stanley knive is just amazing to cut cardboard with :)

I am just not in the mood to try it out at the moment... :(
Maybe another coffee will give me a new boost ;) lol!

Hugs Jollie

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  1. I had no idea things are so bad there, I can certainly understand why you're not able to concentrate on 'playtime' - great that you've got a new Stanley knife tho, you'll love it after struggling with the little craft knife. Take care.

  2. Jollie, I do hope that things get better there. It isn't pleasant to live under a cloud of doubt. Congratulations on the Stanley knife. It will be an inspiration to work with after the smaller one. Please keep mini-ing. We need you with us.

  3. Hi. I can understand the situation, people talk about the moneysituation in different countries in the news all the time...
    If it helps anything: just take one moment at the time, try not to worry too much about the coming moments...I know it is easy to say but not so easy to live...
    I really do hope that every morning after this the sun will shine brighter to you "in money"... :)

  4. living in athens...same here! But , first of all: CLOSE THE TV!!! Life will go on, it might be a little more difficult than before, we all have to cut down on some things...but there are so many more serious problems in the world, I think we are quite ok here! Kindest greetings

  5. Kikka is right, Jollie. One step at a time and try not to worry too much. We all have been there. It was not so long ago when South east Asia had its fair share of economic woes. We were in recession for a long time. Singapore is so vulnerable as we are affected by what happened world wide. But one step at a time and learn to cope. When it's all over, you will be surprise how little we need really to make us happy :).

  6. It is true that at the moment there are reasons to worry about a lot of things, Greece being one of them.
    As we can't do anything about it on our level, the best is to try going on our lives, even though things may change for our lives, especially for you in Greece. Things are not that good in France too, especially concerning jobs.
    Maybe try not to watch the news too often...

  7. Jollie, se que es fácil decirlo, pero intenta no preocuparte demasiado. La situación económica no es buena en gran parte de Europa y quienes más lo estamos sufriendo somos Grecia, Portugal y España. Pero todas estas situaciones son cíclicas y con el tiempo se remontan aunque ahora nos pueda afectar incluso en nuestra economía particular.
    Pero si te digo, que no veas la tele o te agobirán. Los medios de comunicación piensan que lo único que importa es la política y para los políticos lo único importante es lo que cuentan los medios de comunicación. Pero hay muchas cosas más, la gente tiene otros interses, otros sueños, otras esperanzas....
    Aunque no dejes de preocuparte, no decaigas. Besos.

  8. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Greece. You know I love this country very much:)

  9. Me solidarizo contigo, aqui en España las cosas no son mucho mejor, es raro no encontrar en una familia que no haya gente parada.
    Es angustioso ver que nadie hace nada para solucionarlo.
    A mi me ayuda el hacer minis, para poder desconectar y no pensar.
    Epero que en un futuro muyyyy proximo, podamos hacer un post en el cual decir que la cosa se va arreglando.
    Muchos animos
    besitos ascension

  10. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us, Jollie. I had no idea things were so bad there. I'm glad you have your parents and your animals to comfort you during this challenging time. :-) It is no wonder you don't feel so creative! Hang in there, and everything will be OK. Hugs!

  11. In your place I would not be creative. Let's hope that everything turns out well.

  12. Ja dubben , da's slecht, maar als t in je gedachten spookt heb je t nog niet weg, he? Ik kan dan juist goed knutselen, dat leid mij helemaal af, daar ga ik dan helemaal in op. Ik hoop dat die politieken er n beetje uitkomen en dat het Griekenland dan weer mee en mee weer beter gaat.
    * marlies

  13. Saying "Try not to worry too much" is easier than really doing it, no doubt. But you don't have any influence on what's going on... And the money people still play their games as if there had never been a crisis at all. What should they care about? There are always enough states to guarantee their boni... and if everything fails, there's still the dumb German taxpayer... (LOL). You need a lot of sarcasm to stand all of this... but there's a lot of comfort in thinking "Life always goes on - and things could even be worse". So try to get your kicks out of drinking another cup of coffee and working with that gorgeous knife... ;O)


  14. forza,forza non vi abbattete bellissimo popolo greco siamo tutti uniti...un abbraccio Erika

  15. Thank you all for your comments, I can't read Spanish or Italian... even with the translators I don't understand all of what these comments mean... I am sorry. :(

  16. We hebben het er hier ook wel eens over hoe slecht de situatie bij jullie is en hoe het nu verder moet.. Hopelijk kunnen de ‘regelneven’, zonder verdere struisvogelpraktijken, op deze chaos snel wat vinden om de situatie in Griekenland beter leefbaar te maken. Jantje modaal is wat dat betreft meestal wel de … :[ Ondertussen probeer je “gewoon” verder te leven en te genieten van andere dingen.. Misschien makkelijk gezegd maar ik denk wel dat het dan voor jezelf beter houdbaar is..(Als je een beetje kunt klimmen kom je uiteindelijk uit ieder dal weer omhoog!!)
    Liefs en Sterkte, Eef Xxx


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