woensdag 11 mei 2011

Cleaning Up My Shabby Entrance

This morning when I was sitting outside
drinking my delicious coffee and smoking my sigaret...
and thought what could I do today...
The weather was still good... except for a bit too much air...
well ain't it always something with the weather?? lol ;)
I heard that tomorrow and perhaps friday
it will rain... AGAIN!
The summer really stays in the North of Europe I am afraid of... lol!!

I really needed to clean up outdoors around my 1:1 house
because it gives such a mess all that rain that we had!!
Finaly everything that was dirty got the change to dry up... 
Good time to clean up that shabby mess!

See for yourself what is left of the winter now... lol!
I will show you the pictures from before and after ;)

(Click on the photos to enlarge)









See what a great idea good coffee gave me ;)
This is how my entrance looks now...

The bougainvillea is white with pink...
She is a gorgeous one, with lots of flowers 
but she is from a late blooming family... 
she starts in july with her flowers untill late october.
I can make some photos of her later this year when someone
would be interested to see her blooming?

Here are Merlin and Bo (my almost 13 year old Black Pom)
waiting till I am finished and come back inside ;)

Time for lunch now and... my siesta!!! ;)

Hope you all enjoyed your mornings too?

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  1. I always love the bougainvillea when I am in Greece so I will be delighted to see yours in full bloom Jollie:) Pretty entrance you have:)

  2. Wat koffie en een sigaretje al niet kunnen doen. Alles ziet er weer netjes uit.
    Wij zitten hier te smachten om een beetje regen en het valt bij jou. De wereld op z'n kop, toch....

    groet Heleni

  3. Wow, you've been very, very busy... with me, mess doesn't bother me for some time and then comes the day when I can't stand the sight anymore - and then I have to clean up and nothing could stop me... ;O) We're lucky here because we had rain today after a very long dry period - very unusual for our part of the world to be so dry in spring. We'll keep our fingers crossed that it was enough water to give the plants back a tiny bit of hope... And not to forget, I would love to see your bougainvillea in bloom!


  4. Looks like you accomplished a lot this morning! Enjoy your siesta! :-)

  5. how wonderful your yard looks now! I would love to see your bougainvillea in bloom also- I love gardens so much :) I had to enlarge the picture to see Bo- what a beauty!! I want to give him kisses :)

  6. Bougainvilleas are big in my country because they are sturdy, hardy and pretty! We use them to beautify buildings, bridges and streets :).

    You have done well with the walkway, Jollie :).

  7. Much nicer and I love the little elf guy on the mushroom!

  8. Jollie

    I apologise but I cannot speak Greek - only French and Spanish.

    Your Spring cleaning is inspirational - it does make you feel good doesn't it! I bet the bougainvillea will look even more enchanting now. THanks for blogging about the OWL giveaway for my shop eastwitching! Good luck .

    I went to Greece - to Kefalonia, Korfu and Athens - I loved the islands of Paxos and Anti PAxos! Alison

  9. Where did the rest of the comments go???? :(
    Since blogger was 'off-line' most of the lovely comments on this blogpost are vanished!!!


  10. Que gran diferencia, me encanta como te ha quedado, precioso!!!
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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