dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Update Black Cat Boutique

This is how for I got until now...
I asked my father to teach me how to make the openings in the walls
were the windows come and the door.
I measured out exactly were I wanted them to be...
And my father said... 
Well I will show you how to do it,
So I watched carefully...
while he sew out all three of the openings! :)
Just to make sure that I won't forget... for the next time...
you'll know...
Just an abslolutely great dad! :)

In the afternoon of the the first of May
I started to paint the windows and the door.
I picked out a very dangerous combination of colours...
as it seems...
No idea where I got them from lol...
Does it turn out that I have some gothic style 
somewhere deep down inside of me??? lol!
The Greek name for the celebration of 1th of MayDay is called::
'Proto Maya'...
This was me dreaming away in the afternoon...

Photos that I took this morning...

A bit closer...

Well as I was thinking where did that gothic style come from...
I should have understood the first sign better... I guess.
Because this little monster popped out of the
Easter egg that I got from the bunnies around my house lol!

What was her name again??
Does someone recognise her? 
Wasn't she somekind of actress in Schrek's movies??? lol ;)

Well it really surprised me to learn
(in the last few evenings that I've read a lot about dragons 
and more fairytales ;)
These magical creatures turned out to be seen as
 'for possible to be tamed'...
To be a very friendly companion for life!
If you have a lot of curriage?? I believe...
Nice challenge though.

And while I was on 'a dragon hunt' searching for more information,
 I admired some great artist work on this site...
She makes such stunnig art with the most fascinating stories!
Well... it's worth every second to have a peek ;)

Oh yes and last but not least...
I told you that I was going to pick flowers on the 1th of May...
I went together with my mom just along the road...
This is what I came up with:

When you might be interested...
here you can find some more history about the Wreath
 here's a closer look to my flower pickings...

So for me... No wreath lol
but a nice wild bush of only wild flowers ;)
I love them... just as much as the wreath above my door!

Have a great day you all!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Quite a colour combination... ;O) Love your dragon, she's the cutie of the donkey in "Shrek", by the way, they even have children...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  2. Yes I do know Birgit, you really thought I didn't see Schrek ;) I've seen all of them Schrekkies movies... lol! But it is a while ago, so I can't remember that cuties name anymore...

    Hugs Jollie

  3. I love those colours! I Think they look great, gothic or not, but I like them a lot :)
    And that dragon is so cute!
    (Don't know her name - for me she's Mrs. Donkey *lol*)

    I can't wait to see what you do next with the Boutique..

    As always - your work is both beautiful and well made ^^
    (The more I see your works - the bigger fan of yours I am )

  4. I love the colors they go so well together lol i never would have thought of such colors together but wow they look good .Love your dragon she is sweet :)

  5. the combination of colors is a little bold, but this year it's fashionable purple ... :))
    good your dad, maybe I had help from my ...
    even my dad was very good, but now he is in heaven!
    a big hug, Caterina

  6. Je black cat boutique wordt prachtig!
    De wilde bloemen zijn ook schitterend, er is zoveel moois in de natuur.
    groetjes, Diny

  7. Me encanta la osadía que ha tenido en la combinación de los colores, muy bonito. Un saludo, Eva

  8. I love the colours, really!! You have a very good dad :)

  9. Toch wel handig..zo'n handige vader vlakbij ;-)
    Ik vind je gekozen kleurtjes prachtig!!!
    En de bloemen zijn ook mooi!!!

  10. Happy May Day! Happy dragons! Beautiful door and windows! Can't wait to see more! :-)

  11. Looking great! Love the colours and the flooring!

  12. The colors look great, along with the floor. =)

  13. Ik zou ook niet direct die kleuren gekozen hebben, maar ik vind het een mooie combi, misschien blijf ik altijd te "veilig" bij wit of blauw?
    Wat een mooie bloemen groeien bij jullie, daar moet je hier toch echt voor naar de winkel, je hebt er een leuk bos van gemaakt, staat prachtig!
    * marlies


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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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