woensdag 13 juli 2011

Bad News for Aivie - Part 1

I am planning for some time to write stories with and about
the various 'mini-creatures' who live with me.
I want to include them (as you already have seen)
and involve them in my miniature world.
I am also planning to do some
photo stories (more about the images than the text) with them.
Well what can I say...
I'm just crazy about fairy tales and stories! :-)
I hope you enjoy them too.
My English is not all that good, but I also write the stories
in Dutch on my Dutch Blog.

This is the beginning of a continuing story
Which will also show you (in time)
what my last (birthday) purchases have been LOL! ;-)

Schroeder comes walking to Jollie and asks;
"Do you know where Aivie Jollie is?"

Jollie: "Uhh yes, I think she sits in her fairy garden Schroeder,
she has recently been quite happy spending a lot of time by herself."

Schroeder: "Would you please go there with me?
I can not climb so high and I have a letter for her."

Jollie: "A letter for her? Yes of course, come with me..."
Jollie walks with Schroeder in her hands, into the fairy garden
where Aivie sits and stares ahead.

Jollie: "Good morning Aivie, Schroeder is looking for you, 
he wants to give you something."

Schroeder: "Good morning Aivie, 
a bird just flew in to bring this letter for you."

Aivie: "A letter for me?
That's really strange, I rarely get mail. Thanks Schroeder."

Aivie, very curious, opens the envelope and begins to read the letter.
Suddenly she cries very surprised, "Jollie !!!!' and she begins to sob."
Then she said almost unhearable:
"It's no good news... Jollie!! Could you come please?"

Jollie: "What is it dear?"

Aivie: "It is a letter from my family from Fairyland.
There is an accident with an uncle and aunt of mine ...
A bird of prey has caught them!
My uncle is found dead, and my aunt is seriously wounded in the infirmary.
They do not know if she will make it ..."

Jollie: "Oh no ... Aivie that is terrible!
You need to go there and visit them as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, Bea and Isabel, who of course heard Aivie being so upset,
also arrived at the fairy garden ...

Aivie which now has become quite upset by the terrible news,
gives the letter to Isabel to read it and sobs: "That's not all ..."

Isabel reads and begins to stammer:
"Oh, dear no... they have a daughter of just 6 years old ...
The poor little child is so upset at the moment
that they don't really know where she can stay,
The sweet thing already seem to have stayed with four families ...
Aivie my gosh, what will become of that little girl
if your aunt does not survive?"

Bea raises her voice slightly and says indignantly:
"Isabel, please you do not want to make her more upset!
Now do you?!
Let's see first how it will go further with the aunt of Aivie.
I think we better make plans for Aivie now 
so she can leave as soon as possible to Fairyland.
And then we will see."

Isabel: "Yes you are right Bea,
come on Aivie we will help you to pack some things."

To Be Continued ...

Thanks for reading 

Hugs Jollie

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Poor Aivie, those were the most horrible news for her... we're giving her a very big virtual hug. What a relief she has so many close friends who stand by her in those dark hours...

    Although it's a very sad beginning, we'll love it that you're starting your own fairytale (never was that expression more true) and as a secret, very private note we'd like to add a little: Very well done! Great solution for your little "problem" *wink*

    Flutterby + Birgit

  2. Terrible news but I am sensing somebody new is coming to town....;) Can't wait to see her!

  3. Ì love stories Though this one has started off so sad. I cant wait to follow this story. Great job. :) Hugs Maria

  4. Me encantan los cuentos y las historias y aunque esta ha empezado un poco triste, volvere para ver como sigue.
    besitos ascension

  5. Cute story, Jollie! I like how you're including Aivie and your furry critters, and I love thhe mini mail! Can't wait to see what happens next!

  6. Jollie, don't ever stop telling your stories and getting your dolls involve :). For me, the dolls are the very reason why I create :) . I build things for them . As far as I am concerned, they are one of the most important features of a great dollhouse :).

  7. What sad and bad news! I want to know what's going to happen?


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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