zondag 31 juli 2011

My New Dollhouse

As most of you know I do love 
the shabby chic style for a dollhouse.
But more than 10 years ago when I thought about
buying a doll house, I wanted a modern house.

I just could not find one in 1:12 scale at the fair that I went.
The only modern homes that I knew were the Lundby houses.
Eventually I decided to build a Victorian house with a friend of mine.
At the moment I moved to Greece that selfbuild dollhouse 
was not finished and I also could not take it with me because 
I did not have the space for that huge dollhouse!

Once I lived here, I lost interest in my dollhouse hobby
and the miniatures that I had collected in the Netherlands
were in the attic at my parents house all these years.

Two years ago my mother and I both collected
a Mediterranean Dollhouse (see older post)
I love that house very much because it has a unique style!
But ...
that house is now in the attic too because it's also too big 
to be displayed in my tiny little house. 

Last december I picked up my dollhouse and miniature hobby again
and ever since I was looking for a dollhouse that does fit in here!!!
And I finally decided to buy this kit...

Lake View is a modern house and is made by 
Yes, I immediately bought the Garden Rooms also LOL
because together it was a good offer!
Besides I knew I would want to have more rooms later... 

I did not order these kits directly in England but from 
Anita's Poppenhuis in the Netherlands.
Because my uncle and aunt could bring it with them for me
(remember the giant thing I was talking about in this post).
And the second reason was that 
I was a bit afraid if the postmen would not 'handle it with care'
 it would arrive scathed after such a long journey!
Third reason... it saved me money too 

(This next photo is © The Dolls House Emporium)

So here are my plans so far:
The house will be a home for Aivie her niece.
The styling will be modern!
And I know there are a lot of different modern style interiors
I will choose a mix from all the things that I like! 

I think it will turn out like the IKEA (Scandinavian) style...
With lots of pastel colors, but also bright colors!
You will see what my fantasy will come up with... 
I already know the colors that I want to use in the rooms,
and which room is gonna be the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom etc...

Zorba: "Shall we get started then?"

Hugs Jollie

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooi huis! Toevallig heb ik het vorige maand in Engeland bij DHE gezien in verschillende stijlen geschilderd en er is heel veel mogelijk. Je kunt er ook aan alle kanten goed inkijken. Veel plezier ermee!!

  2. oooooo how exciting cant wait to see your progress with this house :D Linda x

  3. A very nice house.
    I am looking forward,too.

  4. Hahaha, ik dacht al dat het een huis zou zijn waar je het over had in je vorige post ;-)
    De lakeview is een geweldig mooi huis Jollie!! Daar zul je veel plezier van hebben. Ik vind vooral die hoge ramen erg mooi!!
    Ben benieuwd hoe het eruit komt te zien.
    Liefs van Monique

  5. Ik ben het helemaal met Zorba eens, beginnen met dat huis!!!

  6. There it is... finally... a last... ;O)I think it was a real good choice and I can't wait to see you starting. Get ahead, begin!!! (LOL) I wish you loads of fun with this project, enjoy especially the planning phase - and I bet it will be some day a lovely home for this little fairy with this very sad fate...


  7. Wow what a fun project you have there; lots of creativie opportunities!

  8. I am so happy for you, it's a nice project, a bit different and open to loads of possibilties. Keep us informed, Rosanna

  9. Happy it arrived safely to you!! Can't wait to see more of it:)

  10. Hi Jollie!
    I have done some modern furniture in
    1:12 scale and if you don´t can find some modern You can buy from me
    If you want I can send you pictures of them.
    Regards Britt
    e-mail: britt@fingerborgen.se

  11. Qué suerte tenerla! Es fantástica! Estoy enamorada de esa casa desde hace más de un año, no hago más que mirarla en el catálogo y no me decido porque no sé dónde podría ponerla, pero si algún día tengo sitio, será la primera que busque. Es preciosa y seguro que vas a disfrutar muchísimo decorándola. FELICIDADES!!!!!
    Un beso.

  12. That is a cool house with a lot of opportunities. A modern style will fit this house well.

  13. This is a beautiful house. I wish you luck and joy with it. Cant wait to see your progress. Greetings Maria

  14. How exciting, Jollie! What a beautiful house. I love modern Scandinavian design! It's going to be so lovely, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work as you progress on it--yay!

  15. You are going to have a lot of fun with this for sure.

    I was in the dollhouse and toy shop in Sydney yesterday and I saw the Sylvanian Family camping trailer - I love it!! Have you seen one? The downside to the new interest this shop has in Sylvanian Family merchandise is that their display space for it has been 'stolen' from the previously larger 1:12 miniatures.

  16. This is going to be a wonderful house, I had often admired itin the Dolls House Emporium's catalogue. I'm sure you will finish building it before I start building mine. It would be easier if I had a kit...


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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